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Zero or Bust!

Energy is the biggest problem of all in the climate crisis


of greenhouse gases causing global warming are emitted by energy production or consumption

source world in data
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of global energy is still being produced with fossil fuels

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Zero or Bust!-iconZero or Bust!

Business as usual is unacceptable. The world is not on track to stay under 1.5°C warming

Add More Zeros-iconAdd More Zeros

The adoption rate of renewables is too slow, despite significant cost reductions and technological advances

Prove Your Zero Impact-iconProve Your Zero Impact

Reporting proof of carbon-free operations is burdensome and reliant on centralized trustfull setups

We need to change the current path!
At Zero Labs we research and build tools that will create new behaviours around renewable energy and the regenerative economy


Less is more, but Zero is better!

At Zero Labs, we build radically accessible and transparent tools for programming decarbonization into business and household operations alike

hex cube left iconDecarbonize & Prove it

We make it easy to decarbonize your operations and prove it, through open, public proof pages that anyone can check, even programmatically with our API

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hex cube right iconTrust the trustless blockchain

All certificates are NFTs notarized on the blockchain which offers the transparency and immutability to fully trust the data. Our user friendly UI allows anyone to verify that a certificate has not been double spent

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Non-zero facts about our system

Renewable Energy Certificates

The secret ingredient to changing energy related behaviours

What are Renewable Energy Certificates?

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are tradable, non-tangible energy certificates that represent proof that 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from an eligible renewable energy resource or power plant.

Why do we need RECs?

Once an electron has been added to the electric grid, there is no way to know from where it came. Renewable Energy Certificates represent the verified amount of clean electricity that has been added in a specific period; therefore RECs are the only way to prove your electricity is green.

What’s the difference between
RECs and Carbon Offsets?

RECs prove that a certain amount of electricity consumed was green, and carbon credits represent a project, somewhere in the world, whose activities reduced emissions or enhanced greenhouse gas (GHG) removal from the atmosphere. RECs are special because they incentivize the adoption of renewable energy while carbon offsets redirect the sustainability effort to external projects

The superpowers of tokenized
Renewable Energy Certificates

Green NFTs-iconGreen NFTs
RECs are special kind of Non-Fungible-Token that represent
  • 1 MWh of clean energy
  • produced by a specific facility
  • in a specific time frame

RECs can be bought and sold, they can be transferred, powering new on chain market dynamics. Buyers and sellers will soon be able to engage in our upcoming marketplace

Can be "Locked"-iconCan be "Locked"

Once locked only the final holder will be forever the owner, they won’t be able to sell it or transfer it again. The official term is that a certificate is “redeemed”, “claimed, or “canceled”


RECs of 1 MWh can be divided into 1000 NFTs of 1 KWh each or less, which provides greater resolution on the temporal energy consumption accounting and enabling new user to decarbonize their operations


Full RECs or fractions can also be bundled together into baskets and used as a composable block in decetralized finance and as a new asset to diversify your portfolio


Use tokenized RECs in your web2 or web3 applications with our easy to use, developer friendly API, and have your users decarbonize their operations


Beyond Zero

Projects built with Zero Labs tech

Blocks Garden

Decarbonize historical emissions of the Ethereum network in a a fun and engaging way. Participate and track the progress of the collective challenge to make Ethereum-1 green.

Filecoin Green

Dashboard designed to raise the bar for energy transparency across Web2 and Web3 alike, allowing anyone to estimate the energy use of any node in the network.


From Zero to Hero

Join the community of organizations on a mission to decarbonize the world


Zero Emissions

Stay up to date on the exciting news we are going to emit and engage with us and the community of innovators fighting the climate crisis