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Renewable Energy, made Digital

the fastest, simplest and cheapest way to radically reduce your carbon footprint today, and prove it


Zero or Bust!

Energy is the biggest problem of all in the climate crisis


of greenhouse gases causing global warming are emitted by energy production or consumption

source world in data
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of global energy is still being produced with fossil fuels

source REN21

more sides of the problem

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Zero or Bust!

Business as usual is unacceptable. The world is not on track to stay under 1.5°C warming

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Add More Zeros

The adoption rate of renewables is too slow, despite significant cost reductions and technological advances

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Prove Your Zero Impact

Reporting proof of carbon-free operations is complicated, burdensome and expensive

Join our Mission to Zero Emissions

We need to change the current path!
At Zero Labs we research and build tools that will create new behaviours around renewable energy and the regenerative economy


Less is more, but Zero is better!

We provide Digital Renewable Energy as a service, making it super simple for everyone, businesses and individuals, everywhere in the world, to buy renewable energy and prove it

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Decarbonize & Prove it

We make it easy to decarbonize your operations and lives: programmatically through our friendly API, or via simple point-and-click web services.

Our easy-to-understand and automatically generated Green Proofs will help you communicate your impact to the world and enable anyone to verify it

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Trust the trustless blockchain and the sustainability standards

We digitize Renewable Energy Certificates, enabling anyone to verify that the claims are real and follow industry best practices and sustainability reporting standards.

Feel safe that you are making an impact that is both real and provable

Decarbonize now your products & services, your operations, financial portfolio, and lives

Non-zero facts about our system

Renewable Energy Certificates

The secret ingredient to changing energy related behaviours

What are Renewable Energy Certificates?

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are standardized, tradable, non-tangible energy certificates that represent proof that 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from an eligible renewable energy resource or power plant.

Why do we need RECs?

Once an electron has been added to the electric grid, there is no way to know where it went to. Renewable Energy Certificates represent the verified amount of clean electricity that has been added in a specific period; therefore RECs are the ONLY WAY to prove that you own that green electron and that your electricity comes from renewable sources.

What’s the difference between
RECs and Carbon Offsets?

RECs prove that a certain amount of electricity consumed was green, and carbon credits represent a project, somewhere in the world, whose activities reduced emissions or enhanced greenhouse gas (GHG) removal from the atmosphere. RECs are special because they incentivize the adoption of renewable energy while carbon offsets redirect the sustainability effort to external projects

The superpowers of digitized
Renewable Energy Certificates


RECs of 1 MWh - which is a large amount - can now be divided into 1 million fractions, providing greater resolution and enabling new types of smaller buyers and the emergence of disruptive applications to decarbonize the world


Digital RECs become a programmable building block that you can easily integrate with our developer friendly API. Embed renewable energy into your app or software, to decarbonize it, or create new green-first products and services


By embracing the creativity of programmable decarbonization, you can create new products and services, and open up new business opportunities for your company


Beyond Zero

Built with our Programmable Decarbonization tech

project-Filecoin Greenproject-Filecoin Green-hover-image
Filecoin Green

Filecoin, a decentralized cloud storage service, used our API to decarbonize thousands of their small scale storage providers across the world. The Dashboard is designed to raise the bar for energy transparency allowing anyone to estimate the energy use of any node in the network

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project-Blocks.garden - Make Crypto Greenproject-Blocks.garden - Make Crypto Green-hover-image
Blocks.garden - Make Crypto Green

Decarbonize historical emissions of the Ethereum network in a a fun and engaging way. Participate and track the progress of the collective challenge to make Ethereum-1 green.

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From Zero to Hero

Join the community of organizations on a mission to decarbonize the world


“Through our work with the Zero Labs team we know they care about maximizing transparency and compliance with the highest standards in the sustainability and renewable energy industry”

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Marc Johnson
Environmental Solutions Architect at Protocol Labs

“A radical new path for climate action”

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Alan Ransil
Filecoin Green Project Lead

“Zero Labs deploys innovative solutions that promote the integrity of clean energy markets and create opportunities for market growth”

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Ben Gerber
President and CEO of M-RETS REC Registry

“So glad that you are on board - This is what we need! - You can help us bridge the gap”

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Brian Ahlers
Anthesis Group - Sustainability Advisors

Zero Emissions

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